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‘Communication and work were prompt and professional’

David is experienced and great at what he does (branding & naming). He guided us in the right direction even when we weren’t quite sure on how to move forward (especially good for newbies). Communication and work were prompt and professional. He’s also flexible and understanding when the work needs to take a different direction. We appreciate your honesty when we ask questions. We’d be happy to work with him again. Thanks again!

Sam and Rebecca, Australia 2018

Don’t hesitate to hire

David helped me to come up with a name for my new business and was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I was really impressed with his thorough and methodical process for brainstorming and choosing company names. He worked very fast, communicated excellently and went the extra mile. Don’t hesitate to hire David!

Phil United Kingdom 2018

‘The best professional’

David the best professional as I have ever seen. Deep diving in to the process and clearly understand the project. Highly recommend!

Elliot, Switzerland 2019

‘Absolutely great’

David was absolutely great, we would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great brand strategist! Communication was top notch – he responded immediately and always kept us up to date about any changes etc. David it was a pleasure working with you. Thank you.

Alham, United Kingdom 2019


Awesome, awesome, awesome. Can’t emphasise enough how good of a job David and Susie did for us. These guys really know their stuff and completely opened my eyes to the fact I was about to make a mistake in our branding/logo strategy.

Samuel, United Kingdom 2015

‘True Creative

David is a professional in every sense of the word. He approaches a job in a strategic way where his decisions are backed by logic from research he has done, yet crafted together in a final package that displays his true creative and artistic talents.

Ethan, United States 2015

‘Better than Expected

In my 13 years in business, I’ve hired plenty of firms in a number of fields. I have never found a individual like David. He went above the call of duty and delivered better than expected.

Calvin, United States 2016

‘Serious Naming Expert

David provided excellent results on this contract. Very professional and nice guy. Would recommend David to anyone looking for a serious naming expert.

Andreas, United States 2017

‘Outstanding Work

David and Susie from Name Shakers are the epitome of what an ideal team should be. I have worked with them on a number of different projects and the outcome of each project is the same… outstanding work. They are incredibly gifted at what they do and have such great communication skills. I don’t know how you could ask for better from a project management point of view. Even if I give them a vague idea or concept they immediately come back with the perfect physical representation for it. I cannot recommend Name Shakers enough and for any project that falls within their skill set. They will continue to be the first team that I bring my business to as they have more than earned it.

EA Equity, United States 2017

‘An Awesome Experience’

It was an awesome experience working with Name Shakers. They are a professionals and very diligent team. You can be sure about their way of operations and achievement of agreed goals

Ajay, India 2016

‘Great working with the team’

It was great working with the team – on our re-branding project and we couldn’t be happier with the work produced. They took the time to understand what we were looking to achieve and delivered us great results. Look forward to working with them again!

Ning, UK 2018

Excellent working with David

Excellent working with David. Understood my requirements from the start and has great experience which showed in our engagement.

Terry, Ireland 2018

Excellent at communicating

David was diligent in seeking to understand our requirements, and his approach to defining the brand strategy was educational. He delivered on time, and was patient as we explored various options. He was professional, excellent at communicating, and very collaborative.

Estherlita, United States 2019

‘Great Team’

Such a great team to work with! I will use their services again in the near future. They guided me through the design processes, yet always let me make my own decisions & supported those decisions. I will highly recommend to others that might need the provided services!

Drew, United States 2016

‘Extremely Professional

I highly recommend anyone to connect to David Goudie and the Name Shakers team. They are extremely professional and definitely work very hard to meet and exceed your expectations on every project.

Kirsten, Australia 2015

‘Absolute Pleasure’

David is incredibly organised, professional and creative! Not only, did he take the time to get to know our firm, but he also was able to communicate a clear and concise work strategy on how he was going to work his creative magic! It was an absolute pleasure to work with David!

Corey, United States 2017

‘A Genuine Pleasure’

A genuine pleasure working with Name Shakers! I appreciate their promptness, thoroughness and commitment to the task. I look forward to working with them again soon.

Mary, United States 2017

‘Professionalism and Commitment’

It has been a great pleasure to work with David who has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and commitment. David also provides us with additional strategic advice which were very helpful to ensure qualitative deliverables for this project. In addition, David was able to take into consideration our cultural differences between Australia/USA and Europe to perform its job. We recommend to select David for brand naming as well as strategic support for brand plan development.

Anne, France 2016

‘Highly recommend’

David did a vast amount of work and delivered excellent quality naming. I would recommend him as a highly professional marketing and branding specialist. I would also thank him for his collaboration on this project- he also helped me with positioning our product which was never part of the project. Thanks David!

Niko, Russia  2018

An amazing job

David did an amazing job designing our logo from the concept stage to the final delivery. From the word ‘Go’ he exactly knew how to manage and deliver the project on time. He provided ample number of concepts to start from. He was totally in line with my expectations for delivering a globally recognizable logo for my brand that I had in mind with the spot on selection of vibrant colors. Through out the development process he filled us in with his valued inputs to maintain the professional image of the brand. A job well done!!

Adeel, UAE 2019

Always reliable

Always reliable, we worked with him before and didn’t even look for others this time. Thanks again for the wonderful work.

Emre, United Kingdom 2019

‘Can-do Attitude

David and his team performed great work. They never took shortcuts and no matter what revisions I had, they always took the challenge head-on with a great can-do attitude even when I wasn’t sure what I wanted. My project turned out wonderfully and I am very pleased.

Eric, United States 2015

He was Right

David took a look at our brief – then helped rewrite it. And he was right. He knew where we wanted to go, even though we were asking for something else, and he helped us take a step back and look at the bigger picture

Matt, United States 2017

Highly Talented

This was a great experience from the start to the project’s completion. Highly talented team whom I hope to work again with in the future.

Emile, Canada 2015

‘Deserves the price paid and more’

David is a superstar and world class at what he does. He created various brand names and I can’t thank him enough for his help. He did more than just providing what I asked for by suggesting great names I will never have thought about and went far beyond what I requested from him. He deserves the price I paid and more. He is definitely not another “wanna be” or pretending to be naming professional. Keep an eye on him. He’s a star.

Oscar, Switzerland 2017

‘Spectacularly Talented’

David and Susie continue to do excellent work — on-time and under budget. They are spectacularly talented and I will definitely work with them again.

Samuel, Cayman Islands 2016