Branding for Business

If you are about to embark on a branding exercise for business it is important to understand the process.

Half of the exercise is coming up with plans, developing names, finding urls and creating powerful visual branding.

That is what we do at Name Shakers. It takes a combination of specialised skills in business, brands, marketing, linguistics, design and art.


The other half involves checking that  proposed names & marks are legally able to be used where they will be operating.

Whilst they are ways which everyday people can look into the availability of names and trade marks (such as checking online trademark databases or doing Google searches) these quick checks can never give definitive answers. In fact, only specialised lawyers and law firms with expertise in Trademark & Intellectual Property Law are able to provide legal advice, opinion or recommendation regarding legal rights of names and marks.

The Step by Step Process

The Right Approach to Getting it Right

At Name Shakers we use common sense when exploring names. We regularly complete quick checks to identify any obvious competing marks and present only names worthy of close investigation for trade mark availability by our clients and their legal representatives. This means legal checking can be focussed on a handful of considered names with potential rather than a huge bucket of names to work through.


Name Shakers are not lawyers or a substitute for legal advice however. We cannot provide any legal advice, opinions or recommendation regarding legal rights including for names and trade marks. This is a job for lawyers. What we do is work directly with clients and their legal representatives to find names and trademarks that are not only fantastic but available and free from confusion or conflict.


It is true that many people choose to skip formal legal checking in lieu of their own in-formal checks. Whether you choose to to engage legal support or not for Trade Mark and IP availability and registration is a decision for you. If you are experienced in this field you may feel confident to progress on your own. If you are looking for some legal support we have listed a number of legal firms with Trade Mark and IP experience on our Resources Page that you can contact directly.

Name Shakers Naming Process


We investigate the competitive environment to find opportunities. Research, client direction and experience becomes the brief.

2. Name Generation & Screening

We dive deep into names. Lots of techniques. Loads of names. Names are organised and checked versus the brief

3. Review, Present & Select

A shortlist with rationales is presented. We recommend the strongest names. Clients choose or we go back for more

4. Award and Register

Winning name options are selected. Clients progress with availability screening, legal checking and registrations.

Name Shakers Logo Process


We investigate the competitive environment to find design opportunities. Research, client direction and experience becomes the logo design brief to follow

2. Logo Concepts & Development

We explore a wide range of logo ideas & select the strongest for development. Lots of ideas and lots of logos options to review and consider.

3. Refine & Finalise Logo

We carefully craft selected logos for detail and finishing touches. We go back and forth until perfect & done. We prepare all file variations.

4. Award and Register

All artwork files, variations, colours & font choices are professionally prepared, beautifully presented in a logo book & digitally transferred to clients.