Agency quality at a fraction of the price

At Name Shakers we don’t have the large overheads of big agencies. Nor do we have their large fees. But we do offer world class, expert agency services in Naming, Logos & Identities.

That means we can charge considerably less for our services. Our standards are matched with those of the worlds best agencies, just produced and delivered more efficiently.


All projects are different however. Some are well developed when they reach us. Others a little more than an exciting idea on a napkin! For that reason you will appreciate that we can’t offer the same pricing for all projects and communicate it here. But we can guarantee that ALL of our services are offered at very affordable rates.


We encourage you to be in touch with your project requirements so we can work out the best plan and pricing for your needs specifically!

‘We promise top tier agency services for a fraction of traditional agency pricing.’

Questions about our pricing? Like a cost estimate?