For GREAT LOGOS, details matter.

There is nothing superfluous in a great logo.

Great logos are crafted to make them powerful, ownable & memorable. They makes sense for the product and spark imagination that brings the brand to life.

At Name Shakers we are professional logo and identity designers. We combine creativity, brand strategy and expert art & design skills for truly unique and ownable logos. We never rush or stop until we are satisfied that the logo is perfect.

Once a logo is designed we bring it to life through all forms of branded communication including stationery, web, social media, print, packaging and more.


  • Communicating the brand in a strong and consistent manner
  • Creating an ownable brand look and feel
  • Communicating a great deal without words


Name Shakers is a specialist Branding Agency. See the Name Shakers Portfolio for many more examples of our logo work.

Our Specialty Logo & Branding Services

  • Logos for brands, businesses clubs & associations
  • Logo modifications, improvements and re-drawing
  • Logo formats, variations and applications
  • Logo development for corporate stationery, digital and print, packaging and product applications
  • Full Brand Visual Identity Development and Brand Usage & Brand Guidelines
Does your business need a great logo and some consistent branding?
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Are you working on your own Logo? Consider these points:

Strong brands send a clear message.

Is your brand more:
●  Traditional or Modern
●  Elegant or Bold
●  Mature or Youthful
●  Feminine or Masculine
●  Playful or Sophisticated
●  Economical or Luxurious
●  Geometric or Organic
●  Abstract or Literal?

And what about colour?

Colour in branding has meaning:

  • Blues – knowledge, trust, calm, honest
  • Aquas – Empathy, compassion, clarity and precision
  • Green – Growth, harmony and success
  • Purples – Imagination, spirituality and royalty
  • Reds – Energy, action, passion and love
  • Oranges – Creativity, adventure and happiness
  • Yellows – Energy, intellect, fun and youth
  • Light Neutrals – Purity, balance and sophistication
  • Dark Neutrals – formality, mystery, exclusiveness and luxury

At Name Shakers we always think creatively and strategically when it comes to your logos and brands . Need some expertise to help with your branding ? We can help so say hello!