Logos that last. The key to an enduring logo.

Some logos really pass the test of time. They are strong, ownable and memorable year after year. Others fade away with every new entrant and look tired within a year of launch. If you are assessing some new logo options for your brand or business and you want to pick one that is memorable and enduring (you want it to be memorable and enduring!) then make sure it passes these 3 fundamental logo hurdles.


Make sure:

  1. It is strong without words and in any language. Make sure its shape is unique and memorable.
  2. It works in 2D black & white. Make sure it doesn’t rely on colour, shading, textures and other visual effects to have cut through.
  3. It is identifiable when small or seen from a distance. So when someone only gets half a second to see it, or it is embroidered on the polo shirt of the guy across the room, you still know what it is.


Think Nike, Lacoste, Shell, Lucky Strike, Qantas, WWF, Apple, Target, Volkswagen. Aspire to have a logo like one of these. And maybe a business like theirs too!