I want a new logo. Should I change?

Changing the logo of your brand or business is big decision that should not be entered into lightly. To change abruptly may disenfranchise existing customers. On the same token, sticking with a poor logo because ‘it been that way for ever’ can be just as damaging for new business. Ask yourself the following questions to see how careful you need to be:
  • What sort of business am I in? Are brands important to my customers and my industry?
  • How long have I had my logo? Do my existing customers identify it with my business?
  • Is my current logo helpful in explaining what we do and how we do it?
  • How different is my logo to my competition? Does it help me stand apart or is it just another generic type logo for my industry
  • How much is my logo used. If I change it will it be an expensive exercise to change everything over to the new logo?
  • Has my business moved on from how it used to be when the current logo was designed? Will our current logo still be relevant in the coming years?
  • If you are planning to moving into new markets, how will you existing logo fair? Will it still work for different nationalities? Does it infringe any trademarks in the new market?
  • If I change the the logo will my customers still know it’s us?


Make sure you ask yourself all of these questions and more before jumping headlong into a new logo. And remember, you don’t only have the choice of old or new. Often the best solution is to ‘evolve’ a logo. Retaining some of the existing equity and adding some new personality. This can be a single step or can be spread over two, three oven more iterations on the way to a final new logo. And don’t forget to tell your customers you are chasing BEFORE you change. In consumer goods this can be a flash or banner on an existing product saying ’great new packaging is coming’. For services businesses maybe a flyer about the exciting change coming. It is hard to win customers, so don’t be lazy and loose them in the change.