5 Logo traps to avoid

If you are trying to come up with a new logo for your business, please try to avoid these traps:


1. Uttering ‘It’s just a logo’

At your peril. That is like saying ‘It’s just my face’ when you meet a new group of people. Sure, what you have to say will be important. But they are looking at your face as you approach and making strong judgments about you with every step. If you look dishevelled, uninterested or nervous then you can expect that’s what they’ll think you are. It’s not ‘just a logo’. It is the face of your business or brand. Make it attractive to your customers.


2. Insisting on a funny image or word play

These can work for sure, but for the right business or brand and then only occasionally. Just because the name or logo is a funny play on words or images DOES NOT necessarily make it a good logo. Open up your mind to as many different ideas as you can think of.


3. Designing a logo that you (and only you) love.

You may be a dentist that LOVES cats. That doesn’t mean you should have a smiling cat for a logo. ‘But I love cat’s’ I hear you say. That’s great… but leave them at the door when designing your logo unless they makes sense for your business and to your customers.


4. Choosing a winning design via a friends & family ballot.

Logo design is not a democracy. Sure, it is good to get feedback from people around that you trust, but you are the one in the driver’s seat. You know your product or service, you know your competition, you know your customers and you know what you want to say about your business. Choosing a great logo is as much a strategic decision as it is creative. You are the boss… not uncle Jim.

5. Getting lazy or ambivalent when forced to make choices.

Do your homework and have a clear set of logo deliverables you will assess options against. The logo that ticks the most boxes wins.



Your logo will be the first visual anyone gets to help them understand what it is that you do. Make sure it is a great piece of communication.